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Perfect Balance Between Functionality and Beauty with Granite Countertops in Apex​

Stone Top Granite & Tile provides quality fabrication and installation of granite countertops to our esteemed customers in Apex, all at factory direct prices. Our service guarantee includes:

          Customized designs that have been approved by our customers

          We determine the best granite slab to work with on a specific project, according to the customer’s preferences

          We cut the stone according to the customer’s design specifications

          We work closely with our customers to schedule the most appropriate installation date

At Stone Top, we guarantee Quality Craftsmanship & Materials that will deliver an exclusive, near invisible seams, so that our customers can get the best value for their money. Whether you are a contractor, Homeowner, designer, or an architect, Stone Top Granite & Tile will deliver a perfectly customized granite fabrication process that will make your project a worthy investment.

Defining Granite Countertops in Apex

Formed over millions of years ago out of compressed molten rock in the Earth’s surface, granite stone is an extremely hard and durable material. It comes with natural heat-resistant qualities.

Granite countertops in Apex do not blister; they are therefore unlikely to scratch or chip. When you allow Stone Top Granite & Tile to install granite in your kitchen, you will realize that our granite countertops are superior to marble, synthetic or laminate countertops. At Stone Top, we polish all our granite countertops so that they are better-looking and have a luminous, dimensional quality when installed.

Why Buy Granite Countertops in Apex?

Although there are a variety of materials that the stone specialists at Stone Top Granite & Tile can advise you to use for your kitchen or bathroom countertops, granite is the most preferred for Custom Stonework in Residential & Commercial countertop structures. Aside from the simple maintenance requirements, granite countertops in Apex will also offer you the following benefits.

Durability- Granite Countertops are naturally hard and are guaranteed to last for many years, making them the perfect choice for areas that encounter frequent use. Granite holds up beautifully even under frequent use. Granite countertops are also a children-friendly option because they do not chip or damage easily.

The unique look of granite countertops- Every granite slab from Stone Top is unique and the patterns are different from all the other slabs. This is because our stones are mined directly from the earth before being cut into individual slabs. This means that your granite slab will be special and beautiful in its own way. The natural beauty of granite countertops from Stone Top in Apex cannot be duplicated.

Custom Granite Countertop in Apex

Our experienced professionals will bring your Granite Countertops project to life. Whether you have a design schematic or have no idea what granite is all about, Stone Top Granite & Tile has you covered!

We have a knowledgeable team that will assist you in selecting the right slab size, color as well as a layout that will work best for your countertop project. We will carefully inspect your granite slab and after it has been approved to our standards, it will be sent to our workshop, which is the Most Advanced Fabrication Facility in North Carolina. We will begin the fabrication process with a precise digital process beginning with a digital template down to a finished product that has been cultivated by our shop machinery.

Fast Turnaround times on Countertop Installations

After you have selected your granite countertops in Apex, our professionals take the time to inspect your slab carefully. After a successful fabrication process, your granite countertops will be ready for installation. Stone Top has a team of professional installers who respect your home or establishment and will clean up after themselves leaving the work station spotless!

Why Are We The Best Countertops Company in North Carolina?

Looking for an all-round granite countertops company in North Carolina? Stone Top Granite & Tile has some of the most highly-respected brands in the industry.  Talk to us today or visit our Climate Controlled Indoor Slab Viewing Warehouse & Showroom and let us transform your living space.

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